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The Q-Men: Anole

Hey you. Yes, you. Were you an awkward teenager around the time that Grant Morrison took the X-Men back to school? ME TOO! Do YOU have one arm that’s disproportionately jacked thanks to too much jacking off? ME TOO! Do you have a crush on the fictional mutant/elf/man/Canadian Northstar? Well, he sort of looks like Jonsí—so. probably. With all that, it ends up we have a lot in common with the Young X-Man, Anole.

Let’s dive into this character and look specifically at the groundbreaking issue of Amazing X-Men where he goes on a blind date with Noam.

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The Big, Gay X-Men Book of My Dreams


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The image gallery above contains my picks for the Queer X-Men book I’ve always wanted. Click on the image to find out why I picked each of them.


A while ago, adjectiveless X-Men had a run with all X-Women, and I mostly liked it. The stories were hit-and-miss (after the initial few arcs) but the concept was definitely on point.

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Trash: Our Interview with Michael Zakar and Zach Zakar, The Zakar Twins

Michael Zakar and Zach Zakar are queer advocates, models, YouTubers, and all around great guys. After reading their interview, you can go grab their book, it’s a great coming-of-age read about twin brothers born into an Iraqi-American, Chaldean household. Also, it involves a story about holy grapes.

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Our Interview with Rapper Big Dipper About His New Album, Sex, and More

Big Dipper is a force on the queer music scene. He’s been making waves since his first mixtape, and starting last year, entered the world of podcasting. Read the interview, download all his music, and enjoy. We touch on acceptance, creativity, and his new album Late Bloomer in this lengthy and deep-diving interview.

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Gay, Wondrous, and Highly Entertaining

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The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, a web series from Brian Jordan Alvarez I wrote about a while back, is the best television series I have seen in the last few years.

Each episode is filled with great energy that just doesn’t stop. Coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the project, it still holds up–possibly even getting better with age.  And, with the return of Will & Grace, it deserves another look.

People like to compare the series to a modern Will & Grace (funny, given that the modern Will & Grace we got isn’t very modern at all). I disagree. This isn’t just a show about a gay man and his straight female best friend.