How Must It Feel to Be ‘Welcomed’ But Not ‘Affirmed’?

ALLEGIANCE. Swap faith in the sentence ‘salvation by faith alone’ to allegiance – salvation by allegiance alone. Self, this is a thesis by Matthew Bates. It reminds me of a chunkier more concrete way of loyalty for the gift of grace – I give Jesus my allegiance, reminiscent of His own imperative, “Follow me,” as […]

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Israel Folau: I’m Not Homophobic, Gays are Just Going to Hell

Israel Folau, a rugby player for Australia’s international rugby union team, is the latest to reveal the extent of his bigotry in online comments he made publicly but—I guess—assumed no one would see? He already publicly disavowed his rugby organization’s support of same-sex marriage and the recent Australian gay marriage win. “[W]hat was god[‘s] plan for gay people??” […]


Worst of 2017: This Pastor

More than 20 people surrounded him, including the church leader, and proceeded to punch, beat and knock him to the ground for nearly two hours. At one point, someone grabbed him by the throat and shook him, a police report states. Brooke Covington is the worst type of terrible human. The kind that uses religion to destroy […]