People with bad ideas say what?

GOP seeks alternative to overtime pay . Because, not encouraging people to be more productive is a good idea. Advertisements


A good ol’ fashioned caning

I took a class about political polarization last semester. The entire semester is summed up as “We’re getting more and more polarized an will hit an irreversible, cataclysmic point sometime soon.” I just kept wanted to say: “Yeah, but when was the last time a member of one party caned a member of the opposite party?” “We […]


On A Congressman’s Weiner

I guess it’s official now. That is, in fact, the outline of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s penis. Ends up it wasn’t just posted on Twitter. It was also attached to an email intended for a young lady with the file-name “ready.jpg”. There were also a few shirtless pictures too. A democrat has officially admitted to an […]