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Watch: “OPPALANNNNNCE” You Earn Everything, New Drag Race Remix by Adam Joseph

From the man that brought us that lovely remix of Aja’s Lida Evangelista rant about Valentina comes “OPPALANNNNNCE”!

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See All the Drag Race Season 11 Queens and Their Bios

Drag Race is back for Season 11 on 28 February at 9 pm EST and every Thursday after that until a new queen is crowned. This time with all 90-minute episodes and Untucked at 10:30 pm EST! Get to know the new girsl below.

“Just when I think to myself – ‘shedonealreadydonehadherses’ – a new crop of killer queens sashay their way into my heart and leave me gagging for more, Dare I say, this might be the most sickening season of all time.”


The Season 11 Ru Girls: