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Doug Jones is Truly a Yellow Dog

It should not be shocking that a politician acts in their own self-interests while seeking their most important goal: re-election. Doug Jones is a Southern Democrat. We haven’t seen one for a while, but there it is. As yellow dog as a baby labrador.

Source: Doug Jones may be proud of his gay son, but he’s a jerk when it comes to sexual assault / Queerty

This Post Isn’t a Joke, Go Vote

Vote December 12th if you are in Alabama. Vote whenever is applicable to you wherever you are, otherwise.

It’s hard to tell sometimes what you should take seriously on this site. Drink recipes: yes. Politics: maybe.

This one is probably a definite in the “take seriously” column.

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A good ol’ fashioned caning

A political cartoon depicting Preston Brooks's...
A political cartoon depicting Preston Brooks’s attack on Charles Sumner, an example of legislative violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took a class about political polarization last semester. The entire semester is summed up as “We’re getting more and more polarized an will hit an irreversible, cataclysmic point sometime soon.”

I just kept wanted to say: “Yeah, but when was the last time a member of one party caned a member of the opposite party?”

“We consider the act good in conception, better in execution, and best of all in consequences. These vulgar abolitionists in the Senate must be lashed into submission.”

Preston Brooks 2012


Image via Wikipedia