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On failing at making your dependant better

This is the third in a series about being a caregiver for better or worse as a man in his late 20s. It’s to raise money for my mother who isn’t doing too hot after a lengthy stint in the hospital that probably shouldn’t have ended quite yet. Check out that link here: http://gofundme.com/HurtByUSHealthcare

A year ago a went from living part time in Atlanta and part time with my parents to living full time with my parents. My social life took a hit because how do friends work? But that is for a later post. This post is one of those sad ones that hurts to type out.

I have failed. And, I have to be ok with failing. Part of my failure is that losing my job caused the household income to drop by more than half. But instead of using my extra time to help out more, I fell into a depression I’m still struggling with.

I can’t help but think that I could have done something to keep my mother out of the hospital this last time.

Here’s a hospital street cat before I get anymore depressing:

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