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What Is JASH? Why Do I Care?

JASH is a video channel that recently went up on the Youtube.

But Project Athens, I am so damn busy with all my watching kittens sneeze and pretending to be working at this temp job.

We know. We feel your pain. But JASH is awesome.

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Bing It Bing It Bing It Bing It

With everyone freaking out about Google’s new privacy policy, I wonder if everyone will take Eleanor Waldorf’s lead and start using Bing? It’s doubtful since Bing pilfers through your Facebook data in ways that would make Google+ blush. The only search engine that seems to be up on privacy is DuckDuck Go. Though, you’re probably wondering what that is as you read this post.

P.S. Remember that time Jenny Humphrey Binged cancer? That was nice.