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What Is JASH? Why Do I Care?

JASH is a video channel that recently went up on the Youtube.

But Project Athens, I am so damn busy with all my watching kittens sneeze and pretending to be working at this temp job.

We know. We feel your pain. But JASH is awesome.

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Athfest Filmfest: Submit Your Short

The Athfest Film Committee is looking for a collection of exemplary shorts from local filmmakers to showcase at this year’s Athfest. If you’re thinking that you have what it takes, there’s still time. The deadline isn’t until May 1st. So, get out there and start making something amazing. Full release from Athfest below and more details can be found at their site.


The AthFest Film Committee is currently accepting submissions for original short
films to be screened as part of a local indie film showcase during AthFest 2013
(June 19-23). Entries must be under 20 minutes in length and must be produced in
Georgia or produced by a Georgia based filmmaker.



1) upload videos to Vimeo or YouTube
2) email the following info to: athfestfilmgmailcom
a) vimeo/youtube weblink
b) film title
c) entrant’s name
d) contact information
e) email subject line: ATHFEST SHORT FILM ENTRY


— Entries must be under 20mins in length and must have been produced in Georgia or
produced by filmmakers currently residing in Georgia. Films can be any genre,
narrative or documentary.

— By entering a motion picture for consideration, applicant attests to holding all
rights to exhibit the given work.

— If selected for screening, filmmakers may be required to submit more information,
including filmmaker bio, film descriptions and hi-res still production still photos
for use in festival promotion.

— AthFest does not guarantee in any way that the submitted video will be selected
for screening. This decision is at the discretion of the AthFest FilmFest selection

For more information, please contact: athfestfilmgmailcom

Featured image via Athfest.com.

(Terrible) Ideas for the Weekend

[Terrible] Ideas for the Weekend:

  • Let’s watch all of fun.’s covers on Youtube.
  • Let’s all go out with bartenders who call everyone “honey,” and “love.”
  • Let’s go shopping for our friend’s wedding gift, even though she didn’t invite us to her shower last weekend. That’s not rude, right? Right!
  • Let’s drive around Sandy Springs looking for a bar that a guy I know works at. No, I don’t know the name. I’m just hoping that I’ll find it, walk in, and the rest will fall (rise) into place (“place”).
  • Let’s pretend that wasn’t a repeat of #2.
  • Let’s stare at our bank accounts until our eyes hurt while saying, “Why don’t I have more money? How can I get more money?” and crying. The crying will make our eyes hurt worse, though, so just be aware of that.
  • Let’s go to anthropologie.com and pick out cute dresses to buy for when said bartender finally asks you out/friend’s wedding/bartender accompanies you to friend’s wedding.
  • Let’s pretend that’s not related to why you don’t have more money saved.
  • Let’s sit in traffic!
  • Let’s find out what’s new with those Kardashians!
  • Let’s look for apartments and/or houses and be sad when we realize that it’ll take almost 1 1/2 paychecks to cover our share of the rent.
  • Let’s eat all the ice cream. (Not terrible. We really should do that one.)

Oh, shoot, it’s Father’s Day this weekend, so we can’t do any of that. Next time, for sure, okay? Great, I’ll call you.

My Comatose Social Contingency Plan

A post by Parker recently inspired me to create an action-items list for my social media accounts if I were to become suddenly incapacitated for an extended period of time. So, internet friends, here is what I want to happen if I am incapacitated and my name is printed somewhere that would inspire Google searches.

  1. Lock down my twitter account.
    Make it private. No need to delete my inane posts about stupid things like Smash drinking games, GOP debate drinking games, and awkward party drinking games—just, make them a little less easy to find.
  2. Delete my main Tumblog and redirect that URL to some charity site.
    There are enough links back to my blog to do some good—just not any good for my comatose ass’s reputation.Side note: the #1 post on my blog is a copy and pate job I did in 2008 from the Facebook list of birthdays. Thanks vanity searches!
  3. Point journalists to my LinkedIn and G+ accounts. Those are leastembarrassing.
    Or, point them to my Path account. Basically, I get in trouble when I interact with people. Human interaction brings out the worst in me. These internet waste-lands are either blather about music I listen to and overly filtered photos or blather about the news/TV and comments from Nicki and Ahmaud*.
  4. Go nuclear with my Facebook account.
    I recently reset my Facebook account and it’s already an embarrassing cesspool of Youtube videos and awkward exchanges I thought would be funny at the time.** We would all be better off without Facebook—I just need it to plan trips and events.

*Whenever I read his full name, I get that Mr. Templeton song from 30 Rock stuck in my head.

**Note to self: it’s never funny a week later.